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Interwest Paper Inc. is a full service recycling facility for the Pro Recycling Group (PRG™). We are able to handle all of your business’ recycling needs, cardboard, paper, plastics, to glass, metal, and all other miscellaneous items. Here at Interwest Paper, we believe in a more sustainable future, that is why we are “Committed to Recycling.”


Complete Recycling

We offer full scale recycling options for our customers to encompass the recycling of all items. If it can be recycled , we can handle it

Baled or Loose Quantities

We accept baled and loose quantites of materials – no matter what form you need to recycle your materials, we have a solution for you.

Mill Direct

Our Mill Direct transportation services, provides the highest payback on full truckload quantities of recycling. Services are available throughout the Western US.

Custom Trailer Pickup

Our recycling programs are designed for warehouses and recycling sites with limited storage space. With our custom programs you can place all recycling items in one trailer for easy recycling.

Waste Audits

Our experts can identify recycling in your waste stream and determine what is valueable and what services your program lacks.

Scalable Recycling Programs

We provide all tracking that you need for your recycling program, and conform to your needs.

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Distribution Centers
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Bridge to Zero


Sustainability for any organization is no longer just about doing the right thing for planet Earth.

Creating a business model that takes sustainability into consideration has many more benefits than just a greener footprint.  As companies diversify, there is a growing section in the market of manufactures that want to go above and beyond normal guidelines and want to go down the path of Zero Landfill or Zero Waste.

Certified GreenWise Business Ribbon

GreenWise Business


The mission of the Greenwise Business program is to encourage recycling efforts in the business community.

We provide businesses with the resources and support needed to improve recycling programs, and reward companies that contribute to the enviroment. We are commited to help businesses improve recycling efforts and to reduce waste.

ZeroWaste Business, 99% recycled waste

ZeroWaste Business


The mission of the ZeroWaste Business program is to partner with business to recycle 99% of their waste.

We promote clean stream recycling at each of our facilities. We make every effort to help our clients reduce the amount of waste that they actually throw away. We find ways to recycle all sorts of items and materials. We are committed to help businesses reduce their business’ carbon footprint.

Waste Audit

Many businesses throw away literally tons of material, that could have easily been recycled. We would love to come out to your business and do a free comprehensive waste audit.

Complementary Waste Audits Available

We will analyze your company’s waste stream an offer basic calculations on how you can improve your recycling efforts or we could help to design a solution to reduce you trash hauling costs and turn your waste into a profit. If an in depth audit is necessary, we will notify beforehand. This is a year-round service, so feel free to call us any time and we will have a recycling expert visit your facility to give you an analysis.

We also provide advanced waste audits

Full service waste audits do a complete examination of your waste stream. We start by dumping your dumpsters or rolloffs in a containment areas, where our waste team will manually sort your waste.  Items are sorted into items that can easily be recycled, items that can potentially be reclaimed, and trash. Volumes and weights are gathered, and the process is repeated until an accurate average is acheived. Our team will create a report that will show you what items can be recycled, your waste output, and a recycling game plan that will provide you with a real solution to your waste. Prices vary by type of services and reporting needed.

 Schedule Your Waste Audit


We’ll help your business get started with an analysis of your company’s waste stream. This allows you to reduce your bottom-line, as well as, receive a check for any recycled material. Once we have some basic information, we will have one of our team members contact you.